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Toward Wellness  and Recovery

Mental health is a critical component of our lives. This podcast channel, produced by the Northeast and Caribbean MHTTC, explores topics of interest to those people who support and help others such as health and behavioral health service providers.

Welcome to Season 2:  Mind Care Matters! 

Each episode has commentary from Dr. Michelle Zechner and resources.  To get to those, use the top navigational bar, hovering over Spring 2023.  Hovering over All Episodes will open up a drop down menu with published episodes.  Click on the link to go to the Resource page for that podcast.


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Here you  will find links to our podcasts along with handouts, interesting articles, special notes, and transcripts.  Each season we offer a different series so check them  out.  We are now in Season 2, Mind Care Matters!
Funding for this project is from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.  
Grant# 1H79SM081783

Latest Episode – Season 2

Peer Services in Mental Health Care

This episode explores peer-provided services for people with mental health conditions. Peer Support Services, or services offered by people who have experienced similar life challenges and who have completed specialized training, are integral to mental health programs. Research shows that peer services provide hope and inspiration and can reduce hospitalization rates. Dr. Amy Spagnolo, the Project Director for the New York State Office of Mental Health funded Academy of Peer Services, an online training, testing, and tracking platform for the certification of peer support specialists, and three Peer Supporters, Rita Cronise, Matthew McDonald and Maryam Husamudeen, share their thoughts on who is a peer, what peer services look like, why peer services are essential and what the future of peer services may include.

Season 2    |    33 min

Recent Episodes – Season 2

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Michelle R. Zechner, PhD, LSW,CPRP

Michelle R. Zechner, PhD, LSW,CPRP

Assistant Professor Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Dr. Michelle Zechner is back, hosting another series on Towards Wellness and Recovery!

Michelle is an Assistant Professor at Rutgers, Department of Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Counseling Programs. She has worked promoting health, wellness and self-care strategies for over 15 years for people with mental health conditions, family members, and the staff who support them. She has worked in a variety of settings including community and inpatient mental health settings, and nursing homes. Currently, she offers training and consultation for mental health professionals, teaches students and conducts research on health and wellness services.

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